Cabbage Paratha , not so popular though but is a very suitable and healthy breakfast options just like other stuffed parathas like aloo paratha, gobhi paratha and many more like that. Cabbage Paratha or Patta gobhi paratha is a made with cabbage and spice stuffing. 

Adding spices gives it a lot of flavor but keeping the spices low and getting the taste of cabbage while eating cabbage is wonderful. So it is a choice to add the basic like salt and chili powder or the stuffing for cabbage paratha can be prepared mixing spices like cumin powder, carom seeds and garam masala. 

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In this recipe of Cabbage paratha, I have added asafetida (heeing), just a little. It adds to the healthy count of the recipe. Asafetida is used as an ayurvedic medicine for indigestion as well. 

I have used grated cabbage to make stuffing. Few may like the chunky cabbage stuffing. How finely cabbage should be, that totally depends upon choice. 

There are two ways that can make cabbage paratha. One is where we grate the cabbage , mix with spices and use it as a filling in paratha and the other where we knead the dough with grated cabbage and the spices. Any which way, cabbage paratha is a must to try ! 

Recipe Details : Cabbage Paratha


  • Whole Wheat Flour : 2 Cups
  • Grated Cabbage : 2 Cups
  • Green Chili : 2 fine chopped
  • Salt to Taste
  • Asafetida : 2 pinch
  • Oil for Cooking Cabbage Paratha

How to make Cabbage Paratha

Kneading Dough

To make dough for cabbage paratha, take the whole wheat flour in a kneading pan. Add salt to taste and asafetida. Adding asafetida is not a necessary element. It can be replaced with carom seeds or cumin seeds.

Add a little water a time and knead the smooth dough for Cabbage Paratha Recipe.

After kneading dough, we keep it aside covered with a cotton cloth for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile we can prepare stuffing with cabbage and added spices of choice.

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Making Stuffing for Cabbage Paratha Recipe

To make cabbage stuffing, first wash and than grate the cabbage. Vegetable chopper can be a big help as well in preparing stuffing.

Once the cabbage is chopped thin or grated, mix the chopped green chilies, asafetida and keep it aside. Generally we add salt while making the stuffing for paratha but with cabbage and radish (mooli) we can wait till we are ready to cook parathas. If we add salt in stuffing and keep it for some time , it makes watery. So, do not add salt to this mix as of now and we can add sat once we are ready to cook the paratha.  


Divide the dough into medium size balls and roll them in round shape to a diameter of 5 inches. Few people like thick layer of dough and some like it really thin for stuffed paratha.

Now before putting the stuffing, add salt to taste and mix well. Keep the cabbage stuffing at center of rolled dough. 

Now cover it by pulling the outer edges towards inside and sealing the stuffing.

Once the cabbage stuffing is sealed completely inside, dust the stuffed dough ball with flour and roll again to chapati size. Roll is to a diameter of 5 to 6 inches. Now this roll is ready to be cooked. 

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Cooking Paratha

Heat a tawa and place the cabbage stuffed rolled dough on it. When the top side starts changing color, flip the side.

Apply ghee or oil on top side now and flip the side again to apply ghee / oil on other side. Cook each side till brown spots start appearing.

Now it is is ready to serve. It can be consumed with hot chai and pickle set or the raita. Consume as per the wish, it tastes too good.

Cabbage Paratha is a good option to be packed for schools and office in lunch boxes. It is very filling just like other stuffed parathas and does not need any side dish. 

पत्ता गोभी परांठा कैसे बनाएं , रेसिपी हिंदी में !

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