Walnut Ladoo is perfect for winter. Ladoo is an Indian dessert which is prepared using different flours with a mix of different nuts, spices and sugar or jaggery. In winter season Indian homes are full of aromas of roasted flours and ghee to make various types of ladoos.

Walnut Ladoo Recipe | How to make Walnut Laddu

Walnut Ladoo is one among many tyoes of the ladoos prepared at home. Be it besan ladoo, motichoor ladoo, boondi ladoo, ragi ladoo, sattu ladoo and many more. Each region in country has its own recipe to prepared different ladoos.

This recipe of Walnut Ladoos is a very traditional recipe. Traditionally ladoos are prepared using jaggery but now a days sugar has replaced jaggery. It is obvious that powdered and refined sugar makes the process of making ladoo very easy but on the other side it is not that tasty as it used to be and it is not good for health as well. Jaggery adds earthiness in the taste and specific aroma to the ladoos.

So, should we use sugar or jaggery to make Walnut Ladoo ! It totally depends on personal preferences. In case jaggery is not available, raw sugar can be used as a substitute. In this recipe of Walnut Ladoo, whole wheat flour is used. To make ladoos, we should use only whole grain flours. We can use any grain flour like Oats flour, ,rice flour, gram flour, barley flour or any flour of choice.

Walnut Ladoo Recipe Ingredients

  • Walnut : 1/2 Cup
  • Whole Wheat Flour : 1Cup
  • Ghee : 5 tbsp
  • Jaggery : 1/2 cup
  • Cardamom Powder : 1 tsp

Walnut Ladoo Recipe Details

Roast Walnuts and make powder

We need to roast the walnuts to make Walnut Ladoo. Lightly roast the walnuts and keep aside to cool down. Make a fine powder of roasted walnuts. If you wish, leave few walnuts and crush those manually. It adds good bite to the walnut ladoo.

heat ghee

In order to make Walnut ladoo, first of all heat the ghee / clarified butter. While heating the ghee, we have to allow the ghee to melt and not overheat.

roast whole wheat flour

Once ghee is melted, we add whole wheat flour in it. As explained above , we can replace the whole wheat flour with the flour of choice and availability. In northern states of India, wheat is a staple and that is why mostly the ladoos are prepared using whole wheat flour. In few places wheat is replaced with Sattu powder as well.

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Roast till golden brown color

We should mix the whole wheat flout in melted ghee thoroughly. First it crumbles as it mixes but after continuous mixing the flour mixes well. Now we should roast the flour till we get a nice aroma and the color of flour changes to light brown. Few people like the flour roasted to dark brown color. So, more the color, more it is roasted.

After roasting the flour to desired color, keep it in a wide open mouth pan to cool down. Meanwhile we work with jaggery.

heat ghee to melt

Jaggery is a bit difficult ingredient to work with. In this recipe of Walnut Ladoo , soft jaggery is used. Soft jaggery is easier to work with. If you can get soft jaggery , that would be great ! In case it is hard jaggery, it is suggested to make a fine powder in grinder and then heat it to melt. We do not heat jaggery for too long as it becomes hard when heated. All we need here is melted jaggery.

Melt Jaggery

After heating it only for a minute on low flames, the jaggery melts.

mix in flour

Now add the melted jaggery in whole wheat flour. Along with it, also add cardamom powder and powdered roasted walnuts. Mix well. At first it feels very hot to touch this mix so using fork will be helpful. Mixing with fork for a while and as it cools down further, we can use hands to mix it well.

mix well

Mix all the ingredients well and see if it combines together. In case it does not, add some warm ghee and then try binding.

bind walnut ladoo

Bind in smaller quantity at a time to form a round shape. Keep repeating the process till all the mixer is done.

Walnut Ladoo is ready. You can consume it right away or just store in an airtight container. The shelf life of these Walnut ladoo is almost a month if stored outside of fridge. In the fridge, it can be stored for longer but ladoos become very hard and should be kept at room temperature before consuming.

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About ladoo

Indian ladoo, if prepared rightly , is considered as a medicine pack with lots of health benefits. Ayurveda is ancient and and so are herbs. Initially ladoos were prepared in order to consume medicine mixed with flour and jaggery. Now with the changing times, ingredients of ladoo has changed and customized and it has become a house hold sweet in our homes. Walnut ladoo comes with the health benefits of walnuts along with the taste of jaggery.

Walnut health benefits :

Consuming 8 to 10 soaked walnuts everyday is generally healthy and it helps in maintaining the lipid profile. Walnuts come with anti oxidants and omega acids. It helps maintain healthy blood pressure and supports healthy weight.

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