Pudina Lachha Paratha is a crispy layered paratha which is prepared using dried mint leaves. Paratha needs no introduction. Parathas are healthy, quick and tasty bread which is often prepared in breakfast. Pudina Lachha Paratha is a preparation which makes parathas heathy, delicious and quick to do.

Pudina Lachha Paratha

Pudina is a much known herb. it is often used for its medicinal benefits. Ayurveda suggests Pudina or Mint leaves as the best medicine for healthy digestive system. Often Pudina is included in making chutney, raita and salad. Pudina can be used to make parathas as well. Aromatic delicious pudina lachcha parathas are loved by everybody.

Pudina Lachha Paratha is different than the Pudina Paratha. Lachha Paratha is a special paratha which is layered and crisp. It has the spirals going on the top. In order to make Pudina lachha Paratha crispy and flakey, ghee is generously added while kneading the dough and while frying the lachha paratha. We always look for healthy variations of recipes, this recipe of Pudina Lachha Paratha is also modified to make it healthier as compared to the traditional one.

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In order to prepare Pudina Lachha Paratha, Pudina or Mint leaves are dried and then used in making. We can get dried Pudina / Mint leaves from grocery store. In case dry pudina is not available, we can always make it ready at homes. Here is the complete recipe of Pudina Lachha Paratha in detail along with the Ingredients required.

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Details : Pudina Lachha Paratha Recipe

Ingredients for Pudina Lachcha Paratha

  • Wheat Flour : 2 cups 
  • Water : to knead dough
  • Mint Leaves : 3 cups packed
  • Salt to taste
  • Red Chilli Powder : 1/2 tsp (adjust to taste)
  • Roasted Cumin Seeds / Powder : 1 tsp
  • Ghee : 3 tbsp (including frying parathas)

How to make Pudina Lachha Paratha

Take wheat four in a big mixing pan. Add one spoon ghee in it. Add some salt to taste and knead the smooth dough while adding water in small quantity at a time. Once dough is ready, Keep the dough aside for 15 minutes. 

Meanwhile, If you do not have dried mint leaves, it can be done with fresh mint as well. Wash mint leaves. Heat a tawa / skillet and dry roast mint leaves on it till it start becoming crisp. When leaves are dried and crisp, it breaks easily. This step need patience as drying the mint leaves is going to take somewhere around 7 – 8 minutes on medium flames. 

Once mint / pudina is dried, grind the roasted mint leaves to make a fine powder. Mix salt, red chili powder and roasted cumin seeds in it.  

Now divide the dough into small round balls and roll one dough ball as large and thin as possible. Apply thin layer of ghee on it. Sprinkle 2 tea spoon of mint powder and spice mix on it.

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Now fold it back and forth for lachcha paratha. We can make pudina paratha any way we like whether it is as stuffing or it is as shown in the picture. Now fold it again in spiral to make round shape. 

Dust the rolling board with wheat flour and roll the dough again to make paratha. The size we can keep around 5 – 6 inches. Heat a tawa / skillet and place the pudina lachcha paratha on it. 

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Flip the side when top side starts changing the color. Turn the side again and apply ghee on both the sides one by one. Cook even from both sides till the brown spots appear on it. 

Pudina Lachcha Paratha is ready. Serve it hot with tea, pickle or the chutney of your choice. Read Green Peas Chutney Recipe !

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