Ajwain Paratha Recipe is a very simple paratha recipe. Ajwain or carom seeds as it known in English, is a common spice which is often used as a household Ayurvedic medicine used for indigestion. Ajwain leaves also make good ingredients for paratha and chutney. The fragrance of ajwain / carom leaves and roasted seeds is also very beneficial in cough and cold. Ajwain is said to be a herb with a magical effect.

Ajwain Paratha Recipe

Ajwain Paratha Recipe

Ajwain Paratha is a dish that can be prepared quickly. Often we make Ajwain Parathas for breakfast and sometimes for lunch as well. It is a very healthy substitute for a routine chapati at home. Generally it is said that parathas consume a lot of ghee and so it is unhealthy but how much ghee should be added in making paratha is a personal choice. You can very well make a healthier version of any paratha by cutting on the amount of ghee or oil used in frying the paratha.

Ajwain Paratha comes very handy as it is a very simple recipe. We do not need much ingredients to make parathas. It is better taste if consumed hot but can be a good option to pack in lunch box as well.

Ajwain Parathas can be made in two ways. One way of making Ajwain Paratha is to mix the carom / ajwain seeds in the wheat flour and knead it and other way is when we can powder ajwain seeds and use it as a stuffing in paratha. Ajwain has a very stron taste and smell that is why mostly it is prepared mixing the seeds in flour while kneading.

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Ajwain / carom as a green herb also can be used to make the parathas.

Ingredients for Ajwain Paratha

  • Wheat flour: 1 cups
  • Ajwain / carom seeds : 2 teaspoons
  • salt as per taste
  • Ghee: 2 tsp
  • Oil: for frying the paratha

It is not necessary to use ghee. It is added to the flour so that the parathas become crispy. If you want to make the parathas more crispy than add 2 more tea spoons of ghee in the flour.

Ajwain Paratha Recipe – How to make

Take whole wheat flour in a pan. Now mix ajwain / carom seeds in the flour. Mix salt and ghee in the flour as well. Now in order to knead a soft dough, add water in small quantity and knead the dough. If desired, lukewarm water can also be used to knead the dough.

Once the dough is ready, keep it aside covered with a cotton cloth for 10 minutes.

Divide the dough into small pieces of equal size. Roll each portion into a 3 – 4 inch round shape. Now apply some ghee in the center of it and fold its outer ends inwards and close it. Now apply some dry flour on it and again roll it into a 5 to 6 inch round shape.

Keep the tawa / griddle on medium heat . When the griddle starts heating up, put the rolled paratha on it. When the color of the upper surface of paratha starts changing, turn it over. Now apply ghee or oil on it and cook it well till the brown spots start appearing. In this way, cook the paratha from both the sides. If you want ajwain parathas to be even more crispy , cook on low flames for a bit longer. Ajwain Paratha is ready. Repeat the process for rest of the dough.

If you do not wish to mix ajwain in wheat flour, you can also use it as stuffing. Ajwain seeds have very strong aroma and taste.

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Do not add ajwain to the flour to make stuffed ajwain paratha. Knead the dough and divide it into small equal parts. Roll one part into a round shape. First apply some ghee on the paratha and now put just 1/4th teaspoon of ajwain seeds on it. Seal it well by folding the outer edges of the paratha inwards. Now roll it again in desired shape.

Put it on a hot griddle and cook it well by applying ghee on both the sides. Cook both sides till brown spots start appearing on paratha. Stuffed Ajwain Paratha is ready now.

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When Ajwain Paratha is ready, eat / serve it hot. Ajwain Paratha is great in taste and good for health as well. Ajwain Paratha goes well with spicy chutney and pickles.

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